Pasabag is a wonderland of fairy chimneys that sprout like enormous mushrooms from the middle of a vineyard. The exquisite rock formations are reason enough to visit this unusual part of the world that resembles Mars, but its intriguing history and vineyard complement the visual experience. Take a guided tour of the dreamlike world and learn about a miracle worker who took refuge inside a fairy chimney.

St. Simeon performed wonders in the fourth century before he became a hermit and lived inside a fairy chimney to avoid attention. Explore his former home, which is now a monastery inside an earth pyramid. Clamber inside the natural wonder and make your way to the top. Picture St. Simeon’s daily life in his hermitage and enjoy the panoramic view of Pasabag’s rock formations and vineyard.

Classic Car Day Tour

50 € 

Small Group Tour

Quad Bike Tour

25 € 

Small Group Tour